Casselton’s municipal swimming pool will open for the season on Friday, June 1, 2018, weather permitting.  Open and family swim sessions will be scheduled, along with two separate sections of swim lessons.

Swim session I begins on Monday, June 18, and runs through Friday, June 29.  The second swim lesson session will begin on Monday, July 9 and runs through Friday, July 20.  Children must be 5 years of age or older prior to the start of each session to register for Level 1.  See the “Lesson Schedule” information below for classes offered and swim times.

Please check the park district website at casseltonparks.com for changes in the swim schedule and for the most up-to-date weather notices.

The pool will also be available for group rentals, parties, etc.  Please contact a member of the pool staff at 346-0127 or the parks and recreation office at 347-5386 for more information or to reserve a rental date.

Pool Staff & Contact Information

  • Pool Managers – Harrison Koetz (238-9655) and Erin Bartholomay (540-7035)
  • Lifeguard Staff:  Zach Koetz, Christian Lietz and Lucy Hagen.
  • Phone:  346-0127
  • Address:  401 2nd Street South, Casselton ND

Open Swim Hours:  1 PM to 5 PM and 7 PM to 9 PM Monday through Friday.  1 PM to 5 PM on Saturdays.

Family Swim:  6 to 7 PM Thursdays beginning June 21.

Pool Fees

Family Swim Pass – $150 (Includes summer babysitter)

Individual Swim Pass – $100

Daily Fees – $4 for the afternoon session (1 PM to 5 PM) – $3 for the evening session (7 PM to 9 PM)

Swim Lessons – $35 per session

Pool Rental – $100 per hour (2 lifeguards and up to 15 patrons)

$125 per hour (3 lifeguards and more than 15 patrons)

Pool Requirements

No child under the age of 10 will be admitted to the Casselton pool without adult supervision or a guardian at least 13 years of age!

  • Pool patrons are not allowed to use any type of flotation device in the pool.
  • No toys are allowed in the pool during open or family swim sessions.
  • Swim diapers are required for those under 2 years of age and for others not fully toilet trained.
  • No alcohol or tobacco products are allowed in or around the pool facility.
  • Patrons must shower before entering the pool.
  • Swimmers cannot enter the pool area if they have an open cut or a communicable disease.
  • For further policy guidelines, please check the park district’s policy manual.  Copies are located at the parks’ office and at the pool.

2018 Swim Lesson Schedule (Sessions I & II)

Levels 1 & 2 – 10 AM and 11 AM

Level 3 – 9 AM and 11 AM

Level 4 – 10 AM

Level 5 – 9 AM

Please Note: Swim lesson classes are limited to eight (8) students per section in all levels.  Lessons fill on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Private lessons are available with individual lifeguards at a cost of $10 per half hour.  Contact the pool or the parks’ office for more information.
  • All lessons follow American Red Cross guidelines.

Swim Lesson Levels

Please Note:  American Red Cross guidelines suggest that youth swimmers be 5 years of age to begin a Level 1 course.

Level 1 (Recommended Ages 5-6)

Children become comfortable with their faces in the water and learn basic swim/floating skills on front and back with support.  Skills encouraged include bobs, bubble blowing, floating with support and some basic kick and stroke techniques.

Level 2 (Ages 6-8)

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with some fundamebtal skills of swimming.  Swimmers will practice skills such floating, treading water along with the basic swim stroke and kick.  Water safety skills will be addressed.

Level 3 (Ages 7-11)

Swimmers continue to build on the fundamentals of the basic swim stroke, locomotion and water safety skills learned in Level 2.  Students will practice skills such as jumping into deep water and diving.  This is the level that most swimmers learn and develop the basic crawl stroke.  Basic backstroke technique may be introduced as well.

Level 4

Level 4 helps swimmers develop confidence and competency in aquatic locomotion and more advanced safety skills.  Students will practice skills such as diving from the side in the standing position and may be asked to tread water for up to 2 minutes.

Students will work to improve the front crawl stroke, swimming up to 25 yards.  Other strokes, including the backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly stroke, can be introduced.

Level 5

The purpose of this course is to coordinate and refine key strokes learned in previous levels.  Students will tread water for longer periods of time, front crawl up to 50 yards, breaststroke for 25 yards with body horizontal, butterfly for 25 yards and work to improve their backstroke, back crawl and sidestroke techniques.

Level 6 (Offered Privately)

Level 6 involves swimmers working to become highly proficient with all the strokes learned in previous levels and to improve water safety.  Students swim long distances and register for one of four (4) different areas of emphasis within the Red Cross program.

Students in level 6 will practice endurance swimming, turns, dives and advanced safety practices.  course is highly recommended for swimmers who plan to become lifeguards.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is a low impact way to work and enjoy the water.

The water exercise class coordinated by Denise Bartholomay involves a mix of moves that tone and train the entire body.

Aqua Zumba combines all the elements of fitness in a low-resistance environment, including cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, strength and flexibility.

Just add water and shake!

Please Note:  Individuals must 15 years old to register and participate in the classes by themselves.

Program Dates:  Sundays and Wednesdays, June 24 through August 1 (No Class on July 4)

Session Time:  6 PM to 7 PM

Fees:  $60 for the session or $8 per class